Winter Wonderland’s Ice Rink Opens Its Doors!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Winter Wonderland has just got even more Bin-tastic! The lake has finally frozen and the Ice Rink opens its doors! Weevil on over to the Winter Wonderland area from the Binscape map to enjoy the NEW Ice Rink area!

Ice rink NOW OPENThe Ice Rink is great weevily fun and it’s perfect for the festive celebrations! It’s fantastic Bin Weevils have brought back the Ice Rink from the 2009 Christmas party. Be sure to wear your Bin-tastic Santa Hat while sliding in the Bin Weevils Ice Rink!

This Christmas on Bin Weevils has been the best so far! Be sure to stay tuned for other festivities COMING SOON to Winter Wonderland. Merry Christmas, weevily friends!

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