The Bin’s Big Freeze Mission – OUT NOW!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Attention SWS agents! Dastardly forces are at work causing the whole Binscape to be buried in snow (quite literally). Only YOU can stop the W.E.B from freezing the Bin in the new mission, The Bin’s Big Freeze! Head over to Winter Wonderland and begin your task. Good luck!

Psst… Bin Tycoons get early access to the new SWS mission! To become a Bin Tycoon, click here. On 19th December, ALL will get access to the mission!

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5 thoughts on “The Bin’s Big Freeze Mission – OUT NOW!

  1. this was a fab mission and great rewards at the end love the xmas tree and snow machine. Unicron was there when i logged on and gave us a helping hand. I passed on how to do the mission to others later on after i had completed, although i did not find the tinsel or the lights but still got tree when i completed the mission. The trophy is also cool.

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