Weevily Wonder Author Application

Interested in becoming a Weevily Wonder reporter? Here’s your chance to join our weevily crew. We are looking for experienced Bin Weevils bloggers and writers to report the latest news from the Binscape on Weevily Wonder. All our authors must update Weevily Wonder with Bin gossip and news for our growing number of viewers.


Please read the below points before sending your application in.

  • All authors must make sure Weevily Wonder is updated with Bin gossip and news. It’s an author’s duty to make sure Weevily Wonder is updated as soon as possible.
  • All authors must have good grammar and clear understanding of WordPress and writing. Authors must match Weevily Wonder’s writing style.
  • All authors must be able to listen to instructions, and follow instructions.
  • All authors must be friendly and polite. Author’s Twitter and Facebook profiles must not contain rude language, or any type of bullying.
  • All authors must speak English.
  • All authors must never be rude, or bully any community viewers.

Interested still? Please email: weevilywonder@live.com following the below template. Please make sure you add ”Weevily Wonder Author Application” in the subject line. Ensure you include your Bin Weevil username and WordPress username.

Bin Weevils username –

WordPress username –

Why do you want to become a Weevily Wonder reporter? (400 words required) – 

Do you have experience with Bin Weevils blogging and writing? –

How many times do you view Weevily Wonder a day? –

Thank you for sending your application in. We can’t guarantee an author place for everyone. If you receive an author place an email will be sent to your inbox.  If you’re chosen, a welcome guide will be sent to you containing posting templates and more. Best of luck.


13 thoughts on “Weevily Wonder Author Application

  1. Dragons2015
    Hello, I have always wanted to join weevily wonder. I view this blog 3x every day of the year since this blog opened. I would post at least 5 times a week. My binweevils username on binweevils is 2Y4 or though my new one is Dragons2015. I have been on very many blogs including very popular ones. I have big experience and I have been blogging for a whopping 2 years. I have never been reported to chat on binweevils ever in my entire life in all accounts registered. My email is Dragon2015@outlook.com. Wish me the best of luck and a happy new year 😀


  2. Hey bud,
    Tried sending the link on Twitter via WordPress it is hucked up to the account that was hacked just to let you know 😉 I will just share the link by posting it manually until its been sorted out 😉


  3. Hi,

    When I was sending my application, I typed the wrong email domain (.co.uk instead of .com), and forwarded it to the correct address. Has both copies arrived or not? (The application and the message.)


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