Welcome to the first Weevily Wonder Discussion! Every Sunday, a new Weevily Wonder Discussion topic will be published all about the Binscape. There’s some things Bin Weevils hate about the Binscape, and there’s some things Bin Weevils love about the Binscape. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!


Today, we will be talking about Bin Pets Paradise. Bin Pets Paradise opened its gates in December 2013, after weeks of waiting Bin Pets jumped their way to the new Bin Pets Paradise! Sadly, many Bin Weevils were upset with the new area they’ve been waiting for. I think many imagined the paradise to be different with more features. I was upset with Bin Pets Paradise.

I suggested Bin Pets Paradise to Bin Weevils and they listened, but I think the work was rushed because it was unfinished. The Bin Pet Temple and Safari were placed as coming soon and a year later, we haven’t seen them opening. The Safari is now a silly promotion area and the Bin Pet Temple is the Time Portal which is not related to Bin Pets at all.

Bin Weevils usually put things as ‘coming soon’ and then they don’t end up releasing them. For example, the upstairs of Weevil Post was meant to come in 2013, but it ended up coming in June 2014, which I still don’t like. Bin Weevils said they have plans for the Safari for this year, I’m not sure about the Bin Pet Temple.

There are some good points, Bin Pets Paradise is a lovely place for your Bin Pet. It has lovely artwork and you can dress your Bin Pet in PetStyle and keep your Bin Pet healthy in GymPet by playing fun games. The Bin Pet Shop also sells Bin-tastic Bin Pet items too!

Will we ever see the arrival of the Safari and the Bin Pet Temple? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear what you think!

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10 thoughts on “WEEVILY WONDER DISCUSSION ISSUE #1 – Bin Pets Paradise!

  1. I agree with you, Dumdawg. It has been quite a while since Bin Pet Paradise first opened and we still haven’t seen the opening of the Bin Pet Temple and the Safari. It is quite a shame that the Safari is now being used as a promotional area, I preffered when it was still closed! 🙂 Could the next issue be about how the Shopping Mall could be improved, please?


  2. They could add more games. For an example, the ‘Bin Pet Bounce’ game from the 2014 Summer Fair would be amazing there, just with a different design seeing as it isn’t Summer any more.

    I agree it is silly to have promotions in the Safari – but Dana/MagicPurpleBee said on Twitter quite a while back the Time Portal in the Temple could be temporary or permanent… so you never know! 🙂

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  3. Bin Pet’s Paradise is an awesome place, but it can be improved. I agree with beano that adding the Bin Pet Bounce mini-game would be a cool addition – that would make it fun! Also, the safari could be a mini-game too, maybe you’d have to snap photos of the animals (inside of your safari cart thing) and there would be certain animals to snap. Winner is the one that has most pics. 🙂


  4. i would like them to open binpet safari also. and perhaps a play area with swings and helter skelter and temple area with a mission back to the old times like on the binbet tablet in one of the sws missions we did. and binpet races agaist other binpets for trophies could also do with some new binpet toys/ items etc.


  5. It is appaling. As you said, am I dumb but does a time portal have anything to do with bin pets. I hate it when they say coming soon. Then they take a year and a half to release it! I am totally angry with rage and very disappointed with Bin Weevils Team. There just lazy, that’s all, lazy 😦

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