Welcome To The New Shopping Mall!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Shopping Mall has received a Bin-credible new update which makes the outside of the Shopping Mall more vibrant and fresh. The outside of the Shopping Mall looks amazing and now it’s a much brighter environment to hang-out in!

Bin Weevils HQ have worked very hard and I believe they’ve done a fantastic job! I love how the artists at Bin Weevils HQ are making the Binscape vibrant and fresh, without grime it’s better! Now the Binscape is a colourful environment! Doesn’t the outside of the new Shopping Mall look Bin-tastic?

The outside has the same features, plaza booth, magazine reader, Shopping Mall entrance, but it’s fresh and modern now. I love how you can see the Binscape’s scenery on the left-hand side of the Shopping Mall, how lovely is that? The inside is the same, but I’m sure it will be updated soon.

NEW MALL2What do you think of the new Shopping Mall? Be sure to let us know what you think. It’s really nice to see many outdated Bin locations being upgraded! Now we have a much more vibrant Binscape with a Bin-tastic new map and areas. Bin Weevils HQ will eventually have changed all locations this year.

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