What’s Happening This February On Bin Weevils!

This February in the Binscape is going to be Bin-credible! Bin Weevils HQ have prepared lot’s of fun activities and updates for this month. For an extra treat, this month is Travel Month! Travel Month includes the brand new Rum’s Airport design and Bin-tastic new nest items!

1The new sparkling Rum’s Aiport will be absolutely amazing! It will be vibrant, bright and fun. There’s even more amazing news! Inside Rum’s Airport, you’ll be able to play Rum’s Luggage Rummage¬†mini-game which will be so fun!

2This month two Bin-tastic nest items will be on sale at Nestco very soon! This month’s nest items look fabulous and I’m sure many Bin Weevils will love them! The huge window featuring Mulch Island will probably be the best item I’ve ever seen! I’m so excited for these nest items.

4Finally! More Bin-brilliant news for us weevils. New weevily celebs will be visiting the Binscape very soon! Bunty, Rum and Flam will be roaming the Binscape soon to meet their fans in the Binscape! There will also be an SWS mission hide ‘n’ seek! How exciting is that?

5A new Bin Weevils Team Q&A will be published this month! Be sure to send the Bin Weevils Team your weevily questions. They could be answered and featured on the new Bin Weevils Q&A video. Stay tuned to the blog!

6This month, there will be NEW Guest Bloggers and weekend puzzles over on the weevily What’s New Blog. Be sure to submit your Guest Blogger entries all about your travels by clicking here. Get ready for even more fun weekly challenges throughout this month.

7On the 10th February, people around the world will be celebrating Internet Safety Day 2015! Stay tuned to the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog for a special internet safety quiz. Complete the quiz to earn a Bin-tastic internet safety gadget for your nest room. Bin-tastic!

8Starting NOW, play the Daily Brain Strain at Lab’s Labs to earn DOUBLE Mulch and XP for a limited time only. This is perfect if you need to level up or save up your shiny Mulch coins. Be sure to visit Lab’s Labs and have a go at the Daily Brain Strain!

This month does look pretty exciting! Stay tuned for more updates and news RIGHT HERE on Weevily Wonder! Feel free to leave your thoughts on this month in our commenting area.

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