New Look For Hem’s Hats

Bin Weevils HQ have given Hem’s Hats a NEW fresh look! Hem’s Hats now looks so much better and it’s much easier to purchase your favorite hats now. Hem’s Hats looks similar to Nestco which is Bin-tastic!

hems hats

Hem’s Hats looks absolutely AMAZING! You can now find a color of your favorite hat much easier and also every hat is now on display. Simply click on a hat and a purchase pop-up will appear straight away! If you already own the hat, it will have an ‘Owned’ label.

I’m very impressed with this update and glad Bin Weevils have finally updated Hem’s Hats, the old design was a little tatty. The Binscape has nearly been refreshed, but there’s still some Bin areas to go. The Bin Weevils artists are doing a great job!

Thanks Bin Weevils Team for this incredible update! If you have any weevily ideas to make the Binscape better, please click here to visit Weevil Ideas.


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