Sink’s Sub Has Surfaced!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin-brilliant news! Sink’s Submarine has emerged just off the shores and the hatch is open! Right now, Bin Tycoon members get an early access to the brand new Sink’s Submarine! Inside Sink’s Submarine, you can play the all-new two-player game – Sink’s Ships!

Sinks Sub

Inside the sub you’ll find the control room. Take your place at one of the Sink’s Ships game stations, place your ships on the grid wisely and ready, steady….. fire at your opponent! The winner takes home XP and Mulch! This game is Bin-tastic!

reallyI love Sink’s Ships and it’s really designed very well. You can also earn Mulch and XP from playing this awesome new game! Bin Tycoons can find Sink’s Submarine on the Binscape Map by clicking the new shiny icon. I’m loving these brand new games Bin Weevils HQ are releasing!


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