How to claim your BAFTA nest items

Vote Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for THREE exclusive nest items! Struggling to claim your rewards? Follow these simple instructions below. These three nest items are Bin-credible and look stunning!

  • Vote in all the four categories. Click here to vote.
  • Once you’ve reached the web category, cast your vote for Bin Weevils, then you should see a goodies box. Click the goodies box.
  • Find the Bin Weevils goodies box, download your BAFTA certificate. You’ll find your three exclusive nest items codes on the certificate!
  • Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside Lab’s Labs and enter your codes. Thank you for voting Bin Weevils!

goodieslinkClick the image below or click HERE to start voting Bin Weevils in the website category. The BAFTA Kids’ Vote ends this Sunday so be sure to get voting to collect your Bin-credible nest items!



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