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Hello Bin Weevils! 

Welcome to Weevily Wonder – we are a Bin Weevils fan blog reporting all the latest news from the Bin Weevils world including secret codes, help and information, updates, hunt locations! This blog is all about the weevily world of Dumdawg and his weevily friends. We always aim to bring viewers the best news from the Binscape, and best pages too.

Did you know? Bin Weevils have won the Bafta Kids’ Vote: Best Kids’ Website for 4 years running, 2011, 2012, 2013 AND 2014! Bin Weevils is a vibrant virtual world for kids and the fun never stops in the Bin Weevils world. There’s plenty of Bin locations to visit, there are fun games to play and you can decorate your nest and garden! There’s so much more so why not join BinWeevils.Com today?


Weevily Wonder begun in December, 2013 and since then we’ve been writing up posts. We aim to up-date-you on everything that’s happening on Bin Weevils, we regularly update our pages so be sure to check them out, our pages are absolutely amazing. We bring you all sorts of weevily stuff, codes & news are essential while playing Bin Weevils and we’ve got that for you.

Weevily Wonder is protected:

Weevily Wonder’s contest is original, however we do not claim copyright over Bin Weevils characters, names, places etc. Our posts and pages are original, posts and pages are Weevily Wonder’s property.




The Bin Weevils in action, Bunty, Tink and Clott running away from the evil Web! Weevily Wonder has got all the action from Bin Weevils.

Weevily Wonder looks great on your mobile phones & tablets! View Bin Weevils codes, help, tips and info on the go! Type in Weevily Wonder on Google Search and you are there!

Weevily Wonder looks great on your mobile phones & tablets! View Bin Weevils codes, help, tips and info on the go! Type in Weevily Wonder on Google Search and you are there!

Weevily Wonder’s authors:

These Bin Weevils are reasonable for keeping Weevily Wonder updated everyday, there also here to post weevily posts for you all to read. They all aim to report the best news from the Bin Weevils universe.

Weevily Wonder covers the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog posts, if you would like to see which author wrote a post simply click on the post title – that’s where you can comment on their post too.

Dumdawg, Eddzy, Tum103, Samfay and Firexlxlxl.

Weekend Puzzle Challenge solutions are posted every weekend by Eddzy.

Best Nest reviews are rarely published by any member of the team.

Do you love decorating nest rooms? Weevily Wonder showcases many nests in the 'Look Inside' category. Every Bin Weevil loves to decorate!

Do you love decorating nest rooms? Weevily Wonder showcases many nests in the ‘Look Inside‘ category. Every Bin Weevil loves to decorate! Did you know? Decorating a nest is a Bin Weevils’ favourite activity.

Join the fun:

If you’re interested in joining Weevily Wonder, please send an email to: weevilywonder@live.com. We’ll then send you necessary information and a helpful guide to Weevily Wonder. Don’t want to join? You can simply FOLLOW Weevily Wonder via the side of the blog – you’ll receive all our posts to your inbox.

You can comment on Weevily Wonder too, every author replies to comments. Simply click the post title, then scroll down, you should now see the comment box! There you can also SHARE Weevily Wonder’s posts OR pages on social media sites.

You can send in your GARDEN designs! Your garden designs will be featured on our wonderful Gardens Page! 


Here’s Dumdawg in the Editor’s Office – You can learn more about Dumdawg by clicking here.

Contacting Weevily Wonder:

If you would like to contact Weevily Wonder, please send your emails to weevilywonder@live.com – we’ll try to reply in 24 hours. If you want to contact one of our admins, please use the following email address:

Dumdawg – dumdawg@outlook.com

Eddzy – eddzy@outlook.com

Tum103 – tum103binweevils@outlook.com

Please be patient, we’ll try to reply to your email as soon as possible. If you have any Bin Weevils related questions, you can either comment on one of Weevily Wonder’s pages or posts, or you can email us. We’ll be happy to help!

Please remember to keep your comments related to the post or page. All comments are reviewed before they are published. 


Bin Pets are Bin-tastic! Do you have a Bin Pet? You can comment what your Bin Pet name is on our Bin Pets page, helpful information there too.

We hope you continue to enjoy Weevily Wonder – please remember to re-blog our posts and like them too. Each re-blog gives us more views, Weevily Wonder is happy to re-blog fantastic blog posts from other sites. Welcome to our family…

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Click the image on the left to create your own BIN WEEVIL! Play great online games, chat with buddies, race against other Bin Weevils,  decorate your nest, grow a garden and loads more!

Bin Weevils is a vibrant online world or kids’ – Bin Weevils offers a fantastic, safe  environment for kids of all ages. Once you’ve signed up, head to Dosh’s Palace to change  your look! Fall In, FLIP OUT!

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