Ask Dumdawg

Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to the Ask Dumdawg page!  This page allows you to ask me questions, I wanted to create a page where it would simply not take long to comment. I will try my hardest to answer all your questions. This page is simply for viewers who are eager to ask me questions.


I’ll make sure I try to answer all comments, I always read and review comments on Weevily Wonder.  If you would like to ask me a question, simply leave your question in a comment in the comments area! 


145 thoughts on “Ask Dumdawg

  1. Good morning! 🙂 This is a great page. Could I do something like it underneath Tum103’s Pages when I am back as admin, please?


  2. The Circus is in my town. It’s just behind my house because the car park is there and last night all I could hear was trucks, horns, banging and shouting. And my dad went over to complain around an hour ago and they said due to the noise here’s a VIP ticket which means you get in free so were going tonight.


  3. Hello there,

    I know you are being copied and it isn’t nice. If you don’t want to be copied and you can easily accuse people if they do by putting text on it or a mark.


  4. Hello, It has been a long time since i’ve left Bw. And I have moved on and are planning to create a interactive game for kids alongside with my sister. We were wondering if you want to join in on the process. Email me if you would like to join.

    Best wishes,

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  5. Hi Chip! Cool pages and posts. Could I join and be an author. I don’t have to since its your blog.(Pretty sure).
    Its up to you. Ill do a famous wall of famous weevils on it for you, Ill put info about them on it as well.

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  6. (I know this doesn’t really fit in this page)
    Well Done!!!
    I think your blog is really good so I would like you to enter The Bin Weevils Place Blog of the Month! (For July)
    If you would like to enter please reply to saying Yes or No. (You can also say why you would like to win).
    There is other blogs that I will send this to so be quick because the first 5 to reply will go to the public vote and be in the chance of winning! (I will try and contact you with the rules and if you got through later. You can also check my blog for news and rules later on).

    Well done again and good luck!!!


  7. Hey Chip or Dumdawg! How are you?

    Whats up with the new weevil? Did something bad happen to your other weevil? I read a twitter conversation with you and a Binweevil member about contacting? Sorry for not being caught up with everything going on?


    • Hey, it’s Chip! 🙂 Long time no chat.

      Well, I done something really bad on Chip8967 and I wasn’t following the rules I admit that, I have a new weevil and a new fresh start! 🙂


  8. Hello DumDawg! Long time no see. If you can remember the last time I worked on your blog the post was HORRIBLE. Well, I have been practising on my posts and I think I have gotten better. Are you still adding people to the blog? If there’s an apply for staff thing someone that I don’t know about then sorry about this.


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