Weevily Wonder Has Moved

Hey everyone,newdesign

I’m excited to tell you all that Weevily Wonder has returned with a brand new website design. Come and visit us at weevilywonder.blogspot.co.uk (CLICK HERE)!

Join us over on Weevily Wonder for daily news posts, secret codes, gossip, help, tricks, and so much more! Be sure to share the new URL with your buddies!

See you over at weevilywonder.blogspot.co.uk! Over the upcoming weeks. I’ll be working hard creating new pages, a few pages are already opened. May I suggest reading the Weevil World page?

You’ll also find an improved commenting system on the Weevily Wonder.

Hope to see you there!

Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils HQ have released some festive sneak peeks on their newest video! We can for sure tell Winter Wonderland will be AMAZING this year. Tombalol and the other Bin Weevils artists are working so weevily hard designing the new Winter Wonderland.

There’s going to be so much Bin-tastic festive areas inside Winter Wonderland! Ice Rink, Snappy’s Winter Photo Studio, brand new SWS mission ‘The Bin’s Big Freeze’ for Christmas, and much more! Weevily wow! Who is excited for Christmas now?


Weevily wow! This is the inside of Winter Wonderland. Doesn’t it look amazing? You will even be able to build your own snowman! I believe Build Your Own Snowman will be a Christmas hunt!

There’s even going to be snow around the Binscape in different Bin areas! Check out the snowy Binscape map sneak peek. Are you ready for a jam-packed Christmas on Bin Weevils? These sneak peeks are so exciting!

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BAFTA Kids’ Vote Ends This Sunday – Vote Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils has been nominated for a BAFTA! To win, Bin Weevils needs all their weevily fans to vote for them in the web category! Cast your vote for Bin Weevils to claim THREE exclusive nest items! Click here to start voting.

The BAFTA Kids’ Vote allows kids to choice their favourites! Bin Weevils have won the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for three years running, 2011, 2012, 2013! It would be so special if Bin Weevils wins again this year. Keep on voting, weevily friends!

last chanceBin Weevils HQ truly deserve to win this awesome award. They’ve done so much this year, Bin-credible updates, features and parties! They’ve been working ever so hard on Weevil World. Please keep on voting, thank you weevily much!

Psst! Click the image below to find out more how you can claim your FREE BAFTA nest items just for voting Bin Weevils!

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NEW Unicorn Hat On Sale At Hem’s Hats!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Unicorn Hat is now available to purshase at Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace! This magical hat is super stylish and looks great with any magical Bin Weevil looks! You can purshase this exclusive hat for 140 Dosh today!

doshHem has sure introduced such a magical hat to her Bin-tastic collection of weevily hats! Tomorrow the Bin Weevils Team are celebrating the Unicorn Hat arrival with a flash mob! Wear your Unicorn Hat, transform into magical colours and come and join the Bin Weevils Team tomorrow, 5:00PM, at Nest Street!

Psst! Stamp your BinCard for daily rewards. You can earn a Hem’s Hats vouchers from your BinCard! Keep stamping your BinCard daily for Bin-credible rewards.

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Support Anti-Bullying Week 2014 – New Secret Code!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Anti-Bullying Week 2014 takes place 17th- 21st November 2014! During this time people across the world will support Anti-Bullying Week to stop bullying for all! Bin Weevils have prepared a special quiz for us and you can collect a special in-game nest item!

Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine and enter: BCAFRIENDSHIP to claim your FREE friendship banner for your nest room! Place this nest item in your nest to show your support for Anti-Bullying Week!

NEW CODEFor even more Bin Weevils secret codes, please click here to visit our Secret Codes page which showcases every single Bin Weevils code for nest item, XP and Mulch codes. Once a new code is released, we’ll always update our page for you.

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Meet & Greet Big Weevil And Scribbles!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the What’s New Blog today:

BAFTAVOTE2014_PARTYDumdawg says: The BAFTA Kids’ Vote ends this Saturday. Be sure to vote Bin Weevils in the web category to earn THREE exclusive nest items! Click here to start voting, or vote from the Shopping Mall!

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Have You Voted Bin Weevils In The BAFTA Kids’ Vote?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Have you cast your vote for Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote? Bin Weevils has been nominated for a BAFTA! To win, Bin Weevils needs all their weevily-fans to vote for them! Click here to vote for Bin Weevils in the web category.

Vote Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for THREE exclusive nest items! Vote in the four categories, then open the goodies box, find Bin Weevils, and then download your BAFTA certificate to claim THREE nest items! Bin-tastic.

BAFTA-2012_Blog_72dpiI hope Bin Weevils wins the BAFTA Kids’ Vote for their 4th time in a row! This year has been filled with Bin-credible surprises, updates, parties and more. Bin Weevils truly deserve to win the BAFTA. Please keep on voting, thank you!

HURRY… You only have until November 21st to vote for Bin Weevils!

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