Bin Badges

Hello Bin Weevils!

Well… the first thing you ask is; what are Bin Badges? They are a set of achievements which can be earned in-game – buying a seed, or changing your look can reward you a badge!

However, there’s a lot more to this so that’s why we’ve produced this page; to tell you everything you need to know about Bin Badges.



Bin Badges can be accessible via the golden badge in the tab, at the very bottom of your screen. Once you’ve clicked on it, you can check out what badges you’ve earned so far – have YOU collected them all?


… and then your Bin Badges screen appears!



There’s a number of Bin Badges you can earn whilst playing in-game. Some are pretty easy to collect… and some are very tricky!

Each and every badge allows you to have a couple of attempts on earning it, this means that every time you do something, you’ll earn a star on one of the badges.

Once you’ve earned at least 5 stars, your badge will eventually turn into a GOLD colour – you can show it off to your buddies as well!


That’s probably all you need to know about Bin Badges (for now!)…

Weevily Wonder hope you found this page helpful for when you start to collect Bin Badges yourself, we have tried to include as much detail as possible so you know what to do. Be sure to find this page updated in no time at all if there are any new features added to the Bin Badges feature itself.

Notice to Bin Weevils bloggers: On certain pages that are available to view on Weevily Wonder, we don’t allow Bin Weevils bloggers to copy the page and give credit to the website.


A page created by Eddzy.

9 thoughts on “Bin Badges

  1. Great page Eddzy 🙂

    I would suggest you take down the very top image due to copiers, copiers will take that image and because it has a white background say it’s there’s. 🙂


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