Bin Pets

Bin Pet Header 2014Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to Weevily Wonder’s Bin Pets page. Bin Pets are so adorable and cute but you can find it hard to look after them, don’t worry Weevily Wonder has created a Bin-tastic guide for you to get started with your little one!

When you first get your Bin Pet, be sure to place your Bin Pet’s pet bowl and bed in your nest room of your choice. A Bin Pet needs a perfect room, so make sure your Bin Pet’s room is special and is packed full of Bin Pet toys and items from the Bin Pet Shop, inside Bin Pets Paradise.

bin pet bowlWhen you first start to teach your Bin Pet tricks, make sure your Bin Pet is not tired or hungry when you start to play. Pets love to learn new tricks, but if they’re not feeling up to it, they canΒ  get quite grumpy! It’s best to wait until your Bin Pet is well fed, well rested and has high energy.

your profileYour Bin Pet’s profile is where you choose different commands for your Bin Pet, and you can see your Bin Pet’s fitness, heath, and food level. Your Bin Pet should become use to the commands if you keep practicing them, believe it or not they will become use to it! Your Bin Pet profile also holds information about your Bin Pet which others can see by clicking your Bin Pet.

bin pet juggleTo teach your Bin Pet how to juggle, first ask your Bin Pet to sit and stay. Then, throw the ball over to your Bin Pet and ask it to juggle by clicking the ‘juggle’ command on your Bin Pet’s profile. Keep doing this, and use the training paths too, make sure you give your Bin Pet some love all the time!

best jump onTo get your Bin Pet to jump on your back and jump down, simply click the ‘jump on’ command on your Bin Pets profile. You might need to call your Bin Pet first by the first command on your Bin Pet’s profile, then it should jump on and do the same thing if you would like your Bin Pet to jump down.

happy bin petMake sure you always keep your Bin Pet happy, a happy Bin Pet always loves to play! Keep practising cool commands with your Bin Pet, and moves too! You should take your Bin Pet around Flum’s Fountain, it’s great for Bin Pets to interact with other Bin Pets in the Binscape. Simply scroll over your Bin Pet to make it happy!

bin pet paradiseLooking for a great place for you and your Bin Pet to visit? Bin Pets Paradise is the Bin’s newest location and is perfect for and your little one to rock around in, grab your Bin Pet and weevil on over to Bin Pets Paradise, do some workout in Gympet, shop at Pet Style and so much more!

shopThe Bin Pet Shop, in Bin Pets Paradise is a wonderful shop and is important to Bin Pets and owners. This shop sells Bin Pet nest items and toys, it also sells food for your Bin Pet, and this is the place where you can adopt a Bin Pet! If your a non-member, you can have a Bin Pet for 1 day!

Bin Weevils HQ have created a very fun Bin Pet video, there’s rules, and then there’s Bin Pets rules! You can own it, feed it, train it, ENJOY IT! Aren’t Bin Pets so cute? Weevily Wonder hopes this page helped you Bin Pet lovers!

Play Bin Weevils now?

bin pets play nowClick the fun Bin Pet image on the left to play Bin Weevils now, Bin Weevils is absolutely free to play and is such a fun game for kids, play tons of games, chat safe with your friends, discover educational adventures and adopt your very own Bin Pet!

Bin Weevils will open in a new window, so you can stay right here on Weevily Wonder and continue reading this page or our other great pages! Please comment your Bin Pet names, we would love to know!


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