Hello Bin Weevils!

BinCards are a weevils’ top essential in the Bin, each day when you login to your weevil you can stamp your BinCard to earn rewards each day, such as XP, Mulch, Dosh, puzzle pieces and vouchers and also mystery garden plants. Bin Weevils has created a fun feature for us weevils because BinCards offer rewards.

BinCardThere are 16 BinCards in total, and when you finish a BinCard you’ll get a new card, with a new Bin Weevils Celebrity and the higher BinCard your on the better rewards, that goes for Bin Tycoon members too. Stamping your BinCard always helps you level up faster, and also can earn you more Mulch and Dosh.


mulchMulch can be rewarded through your BinCard, perfect if you’ll saving up the Mulch to buy the perfect nest item.

xp1XP is rewarded through your BinCard, perfect if you want to level up really fast to level 65. XP stands for Experience Points if you want to know.


Dosh can also be rewarded though stamping your BinCard daily, perfect to spend on exclusive nest items and amazing hats and bundles, and perfect to buy Bin Pet accessories!


Vouchers are awesome! And can by rewards by stamping your BinCard daily, get Dosh rewards for buying amazing hats and amazing nest items at Hem’s Hats and Nestco, the higher the BinCard your on the better rewards you will get.

puzzle piece

Puzzle pieces can also be collected, when you collect a puzzle piece you’ll be able to complete a puzzle and earn an exclusive nest item. Isn’t that Bin-tastic? And fun too.


Mystery garden items can be rewarded with your BinCard, you never know what seed or garden plant you get until you stamp it! These’s a huge collection of mystery seeds in the Binscape.

Want to play Bin Weevils now?

shop1Get started in the action-packed world of Bin Weevils today, explore the Binscape, chat safe with friends, explore the Binscape, buy nest items, decorate your nest and garden, make buddies, go on missions and so much more!

Bin Weevils will open in a new tab, so you can stay on Weevily Wonder while exploring the Binscape! What BinCard are you on? Tell us in the comments area below this page!



24 thoughts on “BinCard

    • We removed the About Us page, we no longer need it. Notice we have the new Welcome To Weevily Wonder post? Well that’s why we didn’t need it, it has been removed so we can get better pages such as Meet The Bin Weevils etc. 🙂 Happy weeviling.


  1. This is a pretty fantastic website because it has pretty much everything you need to know about BW and the codes are amazing. Thank you for the codes and well done to the creators of the site.


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