Mulch Guide

Hello Bin Weevils!

Struggling to earn Mulch in the Binscape? You’re on the right page, this page is very helpful to you if you need to find ways to earn Mulch in the Binscape. Mulch is the main Bin Weevils currency with Mulch you can buy nest items and many, many things in the Binscape.

Play games!

Play games around the Binscape to earn Mulch, it’s very simple! Keep playing games in the Binscape to earn more Mulch. Remember you have to play each game daily to earn Mulch! Sometimes you get bonus XP too. Games can be found all around the Bin, in different Bin-tastic areas.


Sell your old nest items!

Got old nest items you don’t need? You can sell them and get your money back at the Haggle Hut at Gong’s Pipenest. That’s a great way to get rid of old nest items you don’t need and you earn extra Mulch!


Pop the bubbles at Flum’s Fountain!

Help make the mushrooms grow at Flum’s Fountain with your friends, when you see a bubble on the outside click it because you can earn some bonus Mulch or XP!

ffStamp your Bin Card!

Keep stamping your Bin Card for bonus Mulch, as stamping your Bin Card you will earn extra rewards including Dosh, puzzle pieces for exclusive nest items and so much more! As your Bin Card number goes up the more rewards you get.

bcHavesting your garden plants!

Harvest your garden plants to get extra Mulch and XP! Click on the plant you want to harvest and press ”harvest” you can also buy more wacky and wonderful plants inside the Garden Shop!

tOpening your plaza for guests!

Bin Tycoon members, open your plaza for guests to visit. The longer they stay the more you get, while they are parting and earning XP you are earning the Mulch! Weevils can find plazas which are open at the Tycoon booth outside the Shopping Mall, to collect all your earnings from Magazines to nightclubs visit a cash machine!

cmPlay the Daily Brian Strain at Lab’s Labs!

Play the Daily Brian Strain at Lab’s Labs each day to earn Mulch & XP! Answer the questions and improve your knowledge and try to get a higher-score! Get an high score then you will earn BIG.


Collect your Mulch-Tastic ticket each day to earn Mulch! You could even be a lucky winner and win HUGE! You can collect your tickets inside Weevil Post and remember to tune into Bin Weevils on the given date.

mtWe hoped this helped you, above our the main features in the Binscape where you can earn Mulch. When you’ve got millions of Mulch, why not buy your own little Bin Pet? Or buy some fantastic nest items at the Shopping Mall or even expand your nest & garden! 

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