Meet The Bin Weevils


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Hello Bin Weevils!  

The Binscape has a collection of Bin Weevils celebrities, each Bin Weevil in the Bin Weevils Family has a feature, these weevils are celebrities, and they are all big friends! The Binscape was created by these Bin Weevils, they are the main weevils in the Bin Weevils world.

Want to know the main Bin Weevils? We’ve picked out all the main characters for you:


Tink is a prankster who lives for a laugh. He’s always coming up with nutty schemes to earn quick Mulch, which typically end in disaster.

Getting into trouble seems to be his speciality, but luckily he’s also very good at getting out of the pickles he creates, with his best buddy Clott to help him. Tink’s convinced he’s a genius and that one of these days he’ll get his big break…but so far, he’s got to keep dreaming!



Clott is Tink’s best friend, next door neighbour and trusted sidekick. Whatever crazy schemes Tink comes up with, you bet Clott’s up for it!

This clumsy critter is always tripping over his own feet, running into things and generally bungling stuff up, but it doesn’t top him from getting right back up and trying again. Despite his lack of good sense, Clott is a faithful and loyal friend who’s always willing to lend a helping hand.



Bunty is a nonstop chatterbox who always knows what’s going on in the Binscape. She’s got all the latest gossip, rumours and news before anyone else. The trouble with chatting to Bunty is getting a word in edgewise – she can talk for several minutes without even taking a breath!

Bunty loves parties and is an avid celebrity-spotter. She has a huge book of celebrity autographs and a collection of backstage passes!



Scribbles is the Bin’s top reporter and investigative journalist. He’s got a real nose for a scoop and is never without his trusty notepad and pencil, scribbling away – which is how he got his nickname! (His real name is Flum, but nobody ever calls him that).

Scribbles is always going on a new adventure to track down the latest secret or land that big Bin-tastic interview! Known for his giant antennae and ever-present microphone, Scribbles is easy to pick out in a crowd.


Posh is spoiled and loves the high life. Only the best will do for this party princess, and she’s never seen without her tiara. Her antennae are perfectly curled by her stylist, Tong, whenever she goes out.

Despite her reputation for being a little bit too vain, Posh is sweet and good-hearted and adores her Bin Pet, Lady Wawa. Posh likes going out with her friends, chilling out in the sunshine on Mulch Island Beach, and especially shopping!


Dosh is the richest Bin Weevil in the Binscape. He’s always stylish in his top hat and monocle, and he lives in Dosh’s Palace with his sister Posh. He has so much Mulch that he sometimes has to give it away just to make room for more!

Known for his generosity, he can often be found on the balcony of his Palace, throwing notes down to the Bin Weevils below. Dosh is so rich that he even invented his own currency, the Dosh Coin.

We hoped you enjoyed reading about the main Bin Weevils in the Bin Weevil family! There’s so many Bin Weevils, in each families and all the Bin Weevils work together, and they are big friends and live in the Binscape; many celebrities are named after a place in the Bin.

Want to play Bin Weevils now?

changesClick the image on the left to play the Bin-tastic world of Bin Weevils, there’s so much to do! Go on Bin-tastic missions, play tons of fun games, go on educational adventures, create your own look and so much more!

Bin Weevils will open in a new tab, so you can stay and continue your journey right here! We’ve got so much Bin-tastic codes and pages that are just a click away! Who’s your favourite Bin Weevil?



31 thoughts on “Meet The Bin Weevils

  1. A very informative page created by you, Chip 🙂 I think the graphics really go well with the text beside it, they also attract more viewers!


  2. This is just a suggestion, but could we maybe have a Meet The Team page? Like, the Weevily Wonder Team and all about the members?


      • I agree with you, Liam. On those pages viewers ask millions of times that they want to be on this blog and – I’m already getting tired of what else is bad about those pages! LOL 😀


    • Hi XPWINNER,

      If you comment here again I will have no option but to inform the police and hand over necessary screenshots. Please do not comment on Weevily Wonder, you are no longer welcome here.


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