What’s New Blog Easter Egg Hunt – FREE Dosh & Nest Item!

The What’s New Blog Egg Hunt has begun and today’s prize is a FREE Easter Egg and 10 Dosh for Bin Tycoon members. Simply head over to the Mystery Code Machine outside Lab’s Labs or underneath your chat bar and enter: BIGBEN for your FREE shiny Easter egg nest item.


Attention Bin Tycoon members: You can unlock 10 FREE Dosh! Simply enter: BIGBENTINK at the Mystery Code Machine or underneath your in-game chat bar. We’ll post the NEXT What’s New Blog Easter Egg Hunt answer right here on Weevily Wonder.

Happy Easter!

No Easter Egg Hunt This Year In-Game?

Bin Weevils announced the annual Bin Weevils Easter Egg Hunt will take place on the What’s New Blog this year, but some Bin Weevils aren’t happy about this. Every Easter is such a fun season in the Binscape and every year there’s been an Easter Egg Hunt in-game which unlocked prizes. It’s quite a shame that Bin Weevils HQ have decided to have an Easter Egg Hunt on their blog, but I’m sure the prizes will be Bin-tastic.

April seems quite a let down if I’m honest. I would love to see more in-game updates. But, the Bin Weevils Team could surprise us and release much more. 2013 Easter was personally my favorite because there was much more updates and an Easter Egg Hunt in-game, including the incredible Spring Festival.

Last year, the Great Egg Hunt was released with amazing free prizes and a special move. I’m quite surprised Bin Weevils brought back the special move from last year, but I’m sure Bin Weevils will love it.

Let’s just hope we have a nice Easter in the Binscape!

EXCLUSIVE: Possible NEW Garden & Nest Items?

The new Bin Tycoon promotion video has been released and it looks absolutely brilliant! If you haven’t noticed already, there’s an unreleased nest item and garden item. Will the following nest items be released anytime soon in the Binscape? We’ll have to wait and see.

new item1new item2These new items look Bin-tastic and hopefully they appear in stores soon. Can you spot any other unreleased item in the Bin Tycoon promotion video? Simply click HERE to watch the brand new shiny video.

BRAND NEW Bin Tycoon Promotion Video

Bin Weevils have released a BRAND NEW Bin Tycoon promotion video which includes some of the best things you can do as a Bin Tycoon member in the Binscape. The new promotion video looks absolutely stunning, the Bin Weevils designers have done an amazing job! Watch the video below…

It’s Bin-tastic being a Bin Tycoon member, you can shop for EXCLUSIVE hats and nest items, adopt the PERFECT PET, unlock super-cool SPECIAL moves and so much more! If you’re a non-member, the new promotion video will appear in-game! Click here to visit the membership page.

Come Along To The Bin Weevils April Fools Party TOMORROW!

AprilFoolsBlogPost2Come and join the Bin Weevils team and celebs TOMORROW for a Bin-tastic April Fools party! Head to Flum’s Fountain from 4PM to join the fun on all Bin servers. Why not come and join the weevily fun? It’s going to be Bin-credible!


The Easter season has arrived in the Binscape! Tomorrow, the Bin-credible Easter Shop OPENS its doors! Get ready to purchase brilliant Easter-y nest items for your nests! The Easter Shop returns every year with new sparkling items to choose from!


Be sure to stay tuned for even more Easter festivities coming soon to the Binscape, including the April Highlights which should be published over on the What’s New Blog tomorrow. The Nest Inspector is looking out for Easter nest rooms so be sure to save up your Mulch and Dosh for tomorrow!

BRAND NEW SWS Case File Out Now!

The Nerf Rebelle Case File is finally HERE! You can play this all-new SWS Case File by heading to the SWS Headquarters or the Nerf Rebelle pop-ups around the Binscape. This new SWS Case File rewards with you a whopping 1,000 XP and there’s more SWS case files to come.


Firstly, hit all the four bolts on the entrance door. Try to aim for the bolts because you don’t want to the alarm to go off! Once you’ve hit the four bolts, you’ll be able to move onto the next step which is pretty simple too.

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