SWS Help



Hello Bin Weevils! 

A warm welcome to our SWS Help page!

Missions in the Binscape can be really hard sometimes, the SWS which means secret weevil service protect the Bin with your help. We’ve created this fantastic page to help you, this page includes videos too. Did you know? Gam who is the head of the SWS and the owner of Castle Gam is the oldest weevil in the Bin!

Chip8967 with his Gam look, for the celebration of Gam's birthday party- 23rd May 2014

Dumdawg with his Gam look, for the celebration of Gam’s birthday party- 23rd May 2014

You can learn more about the Bin’s oldest weevil by clicking him outside Castle Gam, you can view his photos, what he likes and what he doesn’t like too. Or pick up The Great Bin Weevils app for even more exclusive Bin celebs.

All your Bin-tastic mission help videos are below:

*NEW* The Bin’s Big Freeze:

Danger At Dosh’s Palace:

Good vs WeEvil:

Laboratory Lockdown:

Micro Mayhem:

Raiders Of The Lost Bin Pet:

Scribbles the Secret Hunter:

Showdown At Tycoon TV Towers:

 The Hunt For Weevil X:

Bin Weevils who love hats and fashion, go to Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace to purchase your Gam’s Helmet! It’s perfect to show your appreciation for the SWS, and it looks amazing when your exploring around the Binscape.

gamYou can play all these Bin-tastic missions right now, head to Castle Gam and enter the SWS headquarters and select the missions you want to try out, Bin Weevils missions are brilliant and are enjoyable. Some missions take ages but if you follow the videos on this page they may really help you.

Want to play Bin Weevils now? 


Want to get started on your dangerous but exciting missions? To play Bin Weevils and join the SWS, click the image on the left and it’ll take you directly to the Login page! There’s lots to do in the Binscape other than missions… adopt a Bin Pet & train it, play games, meet new friends, and chat in a safe and fun world!

Bin Weevils will open in a new tab, so you can continue to view Weevily Wonder and watch the helpful videos provided on this page. Have fun exploring readers!

Need Bin Weevils codes? Click here for XP, Mulch and nest item codes.


21 thoughts on “SWS Help

  1. Me either 😦 It’s Tycoon tycoon Tycoon Tycoon Money Money Money. I do know and understand a virtual world needs to make money but its unfair.


  2. Bin Weevils are a bit tight to other weevils because so many non weevils want to change their looks now the people who are non members and they are red,green or yellow will be called tomatoes,mangos and green cabbages that bad.
    I wouldn’t like that to happen to me.
    So think for your self if you call other people names how would you like it if they said it to you.
    Im not saying this to one person there are much more.
    I’m telling the truth I called someone blue jelly but I said sorry luckily he did not report me.
    So please read this!


  3. i think the amount of tycoon things is absolutely fine you are all just being negetive and disrespectful to those who are bin tycoons


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